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Atlanta Cleaning Services
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Our Rates


What Are Our Rates?
Every house is unique in term of size, condition and people who live there. As a result, we base our rates on two main factors: 1) the size of the area to be cleaned, 2) the condition of house to be cleaned. The condition includes the degree of dirt built-up, pet hair, clutter and even your lifestyle. That’s why is best to work with you before quoting you a price. We can also quote you over the phone after gathering information from your online form. 

To get an idea of how our rates are very competitive to fit your budget. We provide the approximate guidelines about our prices below. Please note that these are not firm prices, which can only be given after we meet with you to inspect your home and discuss your needs. Again, we encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation at the convenience of your own home.


1. Bedroom: Start at $45.00
2. Bedrooms: Start at $55.00
3. or more: Start at $65.00

Maintenance Cleaning:
Weekly, Bi-weekly: start at $55.00
Monthly Cleaning: start at $65.00

One Time/Spring Cleaning:

Small Homes: start at $75.00
Medium Sized Homes: start at $85.00
Large Homes: start at $95.00
Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning: start at $55.00
Rental Property Cleaning: start at $75.00
Commercial Cleaning:
Office Cleaning: Start as low as $45.00
Retail Store Cleaning: Start at $55.00
Blue Star Cleaning Services is located in Atlanta GA. We service the entire Atlanta Metro Area.
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Licensed, Bonded, and Insured House/Office Cleaning Service in Buckhead, Buford, Dunwoody, Georgia, GA.

House/Office Cleaning Service in Buckhead, Buford, Dunwoody, Georgia, GA | House/Office Cleaning Service in Buckhead, Buford, Dunwoody, Georgia, GA

Blue Star Cleaning Services offers Georgia's Best House/Office Cleaning Service serving Buckhead, Buford, Dunwoody, Georgia, GA.

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